Month: February 2013

Reverse Culture Shock

I know, I know! I haven’t updated in forever, but fret not! I have kept a detailed journal outlining my adventures, so I will continue to update and reflect on my experiences by transferring those journal entries onto this blog! I’m actually really hoping that with every update, I’ll get more accustomed to being back in the States. I arrived back in Amurica January 8th, and yet after almost a month, I’m still struggling with my transition back to Western civilization. Therefore, over the next couple of entries detailing my adventures, I hope to make sense of all of my experiences, and in the process put out some really good traveling tips! I’ll be updating the layout and everything! So you’ll get a fresh new blog to follow. Cheers! kimmivo. Here’s a “regram” from instagram of my first moments back in Boston from a long 5 month trip to Asia. I had thai pants on! Didn’t exactly realize how cold it would be.