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Hospital Visits + ‘White’ Privilege(?)

I don’t worry about wearing a hoodie, or driving, or being perceived as threatening or dangerous, simply by my existence.

Being Asian-American, I experience a different kind of racism. The “wow, your English is really good” racism, the “you’re not really American – what are you really?” racism, the “you must be so good at math”, “teach me Chinese. Ching chang chong – what did I just say?”, “racist? But everyone loves Asians, they’re the model minority” racism.

Happy International Women’s Day!

As you know, my work revolves around women’s empowerment and girls’ education. I always knew I had a deep appreciation for women.

My mom was superwoman.

Now that she’s gone, however, I’ve begun to realize that many of the traits I admired in her are present in most women.

Women really are super freaking incredible.

What? A pregnant 10yr old?

I talk about how important education is, and how it’s a key that opens any door you want, how self-esteem is not needing anyone (especially men) to give you approval, to tell you you’re beautiful or important (because you already are), and how independence, financial, emotional and intellectual independence, allows you to make any decision you want about your body, your future and your life without worrying about any third party.

I joined Peace Corps!

I realized I never wrote an entry about Peace Corps! Since my Costa Rica trip, I’ve since left my job and traveled to the Philippines and Ghana (to, hopefully, be covered in later entries), but now I’m living in Namibia for the next 2.5 years as a Community Economic Development Volunteer. I’m very lucky to have been able to travel as much as I do, and I think that’s always been rooted in my belief that humans are humans are humans, and traveling is one of the best ways to witness that, live that, and spread that belief. Working in capital markets and digital media was a great learning experience and I’ve met some of my closest friends whilst doing so, but I’d always felt as though there was more out there for me to devote my life to. My free time was never spent perusing the Wall Street Journal, it was spent searching the New York Times, for any and all articles relating to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, ISIS tragedies, womens’ education rights, social …

‘Stop, Reset, Continue’ — 2015

I’m not usually one to make New Year’s Resolutions, but it’s been a rough 2014, and what better chance to reset than a new year? Yes, it’s almost May, but I’d decided since January that my ultimate goal for the new year will be to follow the mantra, “Stop, Reset, Continue”. Stop: Disconnect — It’s become too easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the day to day, become complacent with the present, and forget that the change should be the only constant we’ll ever know. As a reminder to myself to stop, one of my resolutions for 2015 is to read one book every two weeks. — Reading has always been synonymous to learning for me, and to continue my learning will hopefully mean to continue to change, to challenge myself. Reset: Or reflect. Whichever one is more fitting at the moment. What’s that quote? You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. I want to remind myself that it’s okay to start …

Two years later and I’m back in Asia!

I know I said I would completely update and I know I haven’t. I can’t promise I’ll get everything up immediately, but what I can promise is that I’ll try. About two years ago, I was gearing up for a 5 month adventure all around Asia, going from China and Korea to all over Southeast Asia. I’ve graduated now, successfully received my Bachelors in Finance and Management with a minor in International Studies, and employed at a pretty reputable consulting/advisory firm. I would have never thought that I’d be back to Asia so soon, but here I am, in Bangalore, India for 10 weeks for training before I start full-time at client sites back in Boston. My hire class all started in Boston on July 7, 2014, and after a week of getting oriented to company culture, we departed on Friday Jul 11, 2014 for India. Although I figured that being abroad in Beijing for so long two years ago would get be super ready for being back abroad and being in a new country …

Reverse Culture Shock

I know, I know! I haven’t updated in forever, but fret not! I have kept a detailed journal outlining my adventures, so I will continue to update and reflect on my experiences by transferring those journal entries onto this blog! I’m actually really hoping that with every update, I’ll get more accustomed to being back in the States. I arrived back in Amurica January 8th, and yet after almost a month, I’m still struggling with my transition back to Western civilization. Therefore, over the next couple of entries detailing my adventures, I hope to make sense of all of my experiences, and in the process put out some really good traveling tips! I’ll be updating the layout and everything! So you’ll get a fresh new blog to follow. Cheers! kimmivo. Here’s a “regram” from instagram of my first moments back in Boston from a long 5 month trip to Asia. I had thai pants on! Didn’t exactly realize how cold it would be.