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11 Essential Items to Bring to the Amazon Jungle

I just came back from a week long trip to the Amazon Jungle (via Iquitos, Peru)! I’ll go over my itinerary in a later post, but I did everything from jungle trekking, to fishing for piranhas, swimming in the Yapata/Amazon River, to hanging out with the locals and participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Below are 11 items that I think were essentials on my trip, and below that is a more detailed list of items I brought that just made things a bit more comfortable.

10 (Must-Bring) Things to Bring to India

I’ve been in India for about 10 days now, and what I’m realizing there are some things I’m really glad I brought, and some things that I really wish I thought to bring. After all, 10 weeks is a long time to be in India. If I were just backpacking through SE Asia, this would be a different list, but this is for being in one place for a long time. Disclaimer: this is just a personal list! I’m sure it changes for everyone, but if I were to go back and repack, I’d hold this list in very high regard. 1. Purell Hand Sanitizer/Wet Ones + toilet paper! These little nuggets make me feel a lot better being in India, especially on road trips where you have to do your business in an alleyway behind some trash. Even in Bangalore, I’ve found them very useful after handling cash, holding on for dear life on a tuk tuk (rickshaw) or just after using gym equipment — they don’t clean the equipment like they do in …