Month: October 2012

Seoul Food

I’m currently at the Gimpo International Airport waiting to board my flight to Beijing. (Well, I was when I was writing this.) The epicurean in me is incredibly satisfied, but my wallet is not feeling so hot. My weekend was really jam packed. To sum up my trip in one word – FOOD! I must have eaten twice my body weight in street food the last 5 days, and I’m not a very light girl. This isn’t even counting all of the restaurants we went to! Everywhere we went, we had tons of street carts around offering an abundance of different foods to choose from. There were trucks set up outside that provided menus and seats; even restaurants opened up their shops to passer-bys could order something to go. Everything was made fresh on the spot, and I’m not one to resist temptation, so although everything costs about W1,000 – W3,000 ( $1 – $3), it sure added up when I visited more than 3 street carts every hour! Beyond the pictures in this post, …

Video #2! Reposted

Ah! My wonderful friend Nam Luong helped me upload this video! It’s not on my account, but at least it works! So this is my food vlog, but the VPN part is very outdated. Here it is though! Also! Special shoutout to my best friend, MATTHEW QUINN. He’s finally turned 20 and I’m super bummed I can’t be there to celebrate it with him. Sooo, that’s all for now! Many, many posts about my trip to Seoul coming up soon! Over and out, kv.  

Video #3

So I’m almost going to give up on uploading the food video – but here’s a video about my chinese suction cupping adventure! It’s pretty outdated, and way overdue, but better late than never! Here they are! I think I’ll just try to do vlogs from now on – editing the other stuff takes way too long. Over and out, kimmivo.