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The Little Things

I have officially embarked on my trip to China! Wait, what? It was just the other day that I was counting down the days and now I’m actually gone.

How surreal.

I’m on my United flight to LA, sitting one row from the very back of the plane, and right near the toilets. Great start, huh?


my beautiful mom making me bo cuon la lot (beef wrapped in mint leaves), a traditional vietnamese dish, before i left.

I had the worst time checking in, as United systems were down, so that was an hour gone, than security took forever and boarded my flight 3 minutes prior to departure.

And yet, I’m okay! Looking back on the last couple of days, I’ve been incredibly blessed. My family and friends came out to my goodbye BBQ and I had a ton of fun (and a ton of mosquito bites). I finished packing (with the help of my sister) even though I only started oh, yesterday, and today, my last day, I was able to spend time with those most important to me, my family.


i had a bbq at my brother’s house and was blessed with a ton of loved ones that came to say goodbye!

My mom and sister made me my favorite food before I left, which I now regret not bringing on the plane because I’m starving, my nieces and nephew showered me with kisses, and they all waited with me through checking in all the way up until I got through security. Despite all the annoying things, it’s those little things that matter. LIKE HOW I HAVE AISLE SEAT WHOO. All in all, I’m feeling really good.

Not gonna lie, I already miss my family a lot, especially my mom, and I know I’ll only miss her more as the trip goes on, but I know I’ll be okay – there’s skype, magicjack, viber, all that cool stuff to stay in contact.

After I land in LA in..3 hours, I’ll be scouring for food for a bit, than doing whatever I can to not fall asleep. My flight to China departs at 1:40am PST than gets there at 5:20am Beijing time Thursday morning. THAT’S 12 HOURS. Praying for someone cute and/or someone who smells good to sit next to me. (:


my mom, dad, and three nieces and nephew before i left them for the departing gate.

Conclusions from this post:

1)   There are positives and negatives with each trip – it’s just looking at the positives and concentrating on those that make it worthwhile.
2)   I can already tell I’m going to miss my family so much. And Vietnamese food.


bo cuon la lot! so yummy!

That’s all for now! Over and out. Next post, I’ll be in BEIJING! Halfway around the world! Wish me luck!

This was post really late! LAX internet didn’t work. I’m in Beijing! More updates to come!

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  1. Linda :] says

    Wow , i have no idea of all the things you been doing . I was planing to transfer to bc and the studying aborad thing but don’t have anyone that have a clue to talk abt it . Wanna help me out alittle , when you come back ? mayb over dinner ? ;]

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