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Pre-Service Training (so far) in pictures!


Cultural Cooking Day


I killed a chicken. Swift, clean, and (hopefully) painless(ish). Elainey did a fabulous job holding the chicken still. (;


This is said chicken and me before said kill.


Chicken insides – there were eggs that we retrieved from the chicken!


This is my language class! I’m learning Rumanyo/RuKwangali. From left: Mo, Danny, Dana, me and Shirrita (missing Amanda). We’ll all be going to the Kavango region.


Warthog stew! I ate Puumba’s cousin, basically. :/


Afrikaan bread on braai

Aunty Martha and myself! She’s been teaching Afrikaans with Peace Corps for forever and is just the sweetest. Can be quite the sasstronaut…like me!


History Field Trip to Windhoek


Heroes’ Acre – monument commemorating those who died for Namibia’s freedom


From left: Rachael, Elainey, me, Olivia


A rather graphic depiction of some scenes from the fight for independence




My host cousin and me


Some volunteers at a little house gathering and myself


I’m working with a small business partner in Okahandja, Zelda, and went to visit her catering business to work on operations improvement.


Zelda is a great brai-er (BBQ), and here is one of her helpers working the brai. NOM.


I got a care package! My wonderful friends, Rachel and Lauren, sent this package way before I left so I could receive it soon after I arrived. I do have the very, very best friends. ❤


Love these girlies. Third day in Namibia on our hike up to ‘Pride Rock’.


That’s all for now! Will try to update more soonish!



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