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Video #2! Reposted

Ah! My wonderful friend Nam Luong helped me upload this video! It’s not on my account, but at least it works! So this is my food vlog, but the VPN part is very outdated. Here it is though! Also! Special shoutout to my best friend, MATTHEW QUINN. He’s finally turned 20 and I’m super bummed I can’t be there to celebrate it with him. Sooo, that’s all for now! Many, many posts about my trip to Seoul coming up soon! Over and out, kv.  

Video #3

So I’m almost going to give up on uploading the food video – but here’s a video about my chinese suction cupping adventure! It’s pretty outdated, and way overdue, but better late than never! Here they are! I think I’ll just try to do vlogs from now on – editing the other stuff takes way too long. Over and out, kimmivo.  

Homesickness Settling In

So I have to admit – this abroad experience isn’t what I expected so far. There’s a lot of work! I’m overloading this semester, which means I’m taking 18 credits, and even though all but one of the classes are once a week for 3 hours at a time. I don’t have class until 6:30pm Monday, and I’m done with class on Friday by 12:20pm, but that’s still pretty intense, given I have Chinese class 5 times a week. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been really cool going out, meeting new people, eating nummy foods, but it’s not really what you think of when you think of going abroad. I’m not going out every night, the classes aren’t easy, the people are kind of rude, and the pollution sucks. I guess this is that – “I kind of miss home” post. I miss having Vietnamese food, and American food, having people speak English, and I do miss being able to upload a YouTube video in less than 5 hours… I miss my family and friends …

Mini Updates!

I haven’t updated in awhile, I know. The BC VPN has been down, and I just bought a VPN to use, so I’m still getting used to everything! I’ve officially been in Beijing for more than a week, and it’s been pretty bittersweet. Some updates regarding this site – I’m posting up pictures up in “KODAKS” now! So check out some of those when you get the chance. Once I get this video uploaded onto YouTube, I’ll also post it here – it’s about food! Nums. I’ve also been collecting little tips and whatnot, so I’ll have that soon too. Real updates and blogs soon to come! Hang tight! Over and out. kv.  

The Little Things

I have officially embarked on my trip to China! Wait, what? It was just the other day that I was counting down the days and now I’m actually gone. How surreal. I’m on my United flight to LA, sitting one row from the very back of the plane, and right near the toilets. Great start, huh? I had the worst time checking in, as United systems were down, so that was an hour gone, than security took forever and boarded my flight 3 minutes prior to departure. And yet, I’m okay! Looking back on the last couple of days, I’ve been incredibly blessed. My family and friends came out to my goodbye BBQ and I had a ton of fun (and a ton of mosquito bites). I finished packing (with the help of my sister) even though I only started oh, yesterday, and today, my last day, I was able to spend time with those most important to me, my family. My mom and sister made me my favorite food before I left, which I …