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Mini Updates!

I haven’t updated in awhile, I know. The BC VPN has been down, and I just bought a VPN to use, so I’m still getting used to everything!
I’ve officially been in Beijing for more than a week, and it’s been pretty bittersweet.
Some updates regarding this site – I’m posting up pictures up in “KODAKS” now! So check out some of those when you get the chance.
Once I get this video uploaded onto YouTube, I’ll also post it here – it’s about food! Nums.
I’ve also been collecting little tips and whatnot, so I’ll have that soon too.
Real updates and blogs soon to come!
Hang tight! Over and out.



best thing i ever ate. :]

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kimmi loves that you've perused her blog! feel free to let her know what you liked (or maybe didn't like) about her posts. she hopes you've found her posts helpful in some way, shape or form. she also hopes that in sharing her growth through wanders, ponders, eats, and reads, you'll be inspired or nudged to travel more, reflect more, eat more and read more -- all things she holds near and dear to her heart. happy reading!

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